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Register for our Summer 2023 running programs! Our run group runs 4 days per week!

girl tying up running shoes to go running on running path

Our running programs are starting on June 19th, 2023! Browse our website to learn more about our run group! We have the following running programs available

1. Novice Running Program 2. Experienced Running Program and 3. Our Virtual Running Programs We will also be offering drop in passes for those of you who can't commit to one full season! What to expect from our programs:

  • 10 weeks / 4 days per week / 40 lessons

  • Access to our private Facebook group which posts workouts in advance

  • Led by a certified, experienced fitness instructor who runs with you

  • Small, personable classes allowing for one on one time with instructor

  • Opportunity to engage with people who have the same goals as you

  • Classes are designed so no runner is left behind

More info can be found here! Come see what it feels like to run with a little bit of Soul!

See you soon!

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