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This option is right for you if you

  • Can't commit to an entire program

  • Need accountability

  • Love to run with other people


No matter what, we promise you that when you run with us, one of the first rewards is becoming part of a community that prospers off of positivity.


Join us for any of the following classes, at any time.


  • Monday Run 6:15 PM (novice) and / or 7 PM (experienced). Meeting spot is Edgevalley Park - 269 Edgevalley Rd

  • Wednesday Run 6:15 PM (novice) / or 7 PM (experienced) Meeting spot is Edgevalley Park - 269 Edgevalley Rd

  • Friday Run 7 AM (all levels). Meeting spot is Edgevalley Park - 269 Edgevalley Rd

  • Sunday Run 9 AM (all levels) Meeting spot is North London Athletic Fields

    All classes


  • Are led by a certified, experienced fitness instructor

  • are small and personable - allowing for one on one time with the instructor

  • give you opportunities to engage with people who have similar goals as you

  • designed so no one is left behind

  • Start date: April 6th 2023. End Date: June 18th, 2023

Come see what it feels like to run with a little bit of Soul!


Other information

▪ You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.

▪ All participants are required to sign a waiver prior to the start date

▪ Any cancelled classes will offer a makeup class TBD at the time of

▪ All classes are rain, snow, or shine unless there is a severe storm warning, or road conditions are unsafe (ex. flooding, ice).

▪ It will be very dark during some class times. Headlamps, flashlights and light-up vests are encouraged. If it is too dark, we will be running on the roads as opposed to the trails. Safety is our number one priority.

Holiday Makeup Class Schedule

Monday, July 3rd - CLOSED
(Makeup day is Monday, August 28th @ 7 PM - Edgevalley)
Wednesday, July 5th - CLOSED (Makeup day is Wednesday, August 30th @ 7 PM - Edgevalley)
Friday July 7th - CLOSED (Makeup day is Friday, September 1st @ 7 AM - Edgevalley)
Sunday, July 9th - CLOSED (Makeup day is Sunday, September 3rd @ 9 AM- North London)
Monday, August 7th - CLOSED (Makeup day is Friday, August 11th @ 7 AM - Edgevalley)

Drop in Class Options Summer

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