Weight loss is simply this:

90% Kitchen, 10% Fitness, and 100% Community.

Our clean eating program is a great way to begin your wellness journey.

No more second guessing what you should and shouldn't be eating.
No more endless hours of searching online for healthy recipes.
No more feeling like you're all alone in the process.

This group weight loss program focuses on eating real food, with maximum nutrition in minimum time.

Please note, a slow cooker is required for this nutrition plan.

With this type of budget friendly plan, you will be prepping your meals ahead, saving time and money. Say goodbye to takeout, and hello to quick, easy, and nutritious dinners, delicious enough to be carried over for tomorrows lunch.

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to be enslaved to your kitchen. Let us help you!

From us you will receive


  • A weekly meal plan
  • Weekly recipes, grocery lists and prep guides. Every week is a new week! We change it up so you don't get bored!
  • Endless support from access to a community of fellow members following the same plan as you.

We take the hard work out of weight loss. All you have to do is get up, reconnect with your kitchen, and experience what it feels like to nourish your body with a little bit of soul :) We promise that there will be #noregrets


Group Weight Loss Program. Nutrition Based