Covid-19 update:
Classes start February 16th. Masks must be worn during our meet up, warm up, cool down, and during any breaks we take.

Your running shouldn't be put on hold because it's cold outside! 

Trust us. We know it's hard to get outside in the winter! Sometimes we need extra motivation and a push from our peers.

By the end of this three month program, all of your 10K goals will be crushed!

No matter what, we promise you that when you join our tribe, one of the first rewards is becoming part of a community which prospers off of positivity.

To start you off on your cold weather running journey, here are a few reasons as to WHY you should totally do it!


  • You burn extra calories and your metabolic rate increases even after you've stopped running
  • Outdoor cardio boosts serotonin levels, leaving us feel happier and more energetic through the cold, dark season
  • Research has shown that when you spend time in cold weather, your body uses sugar for energy rather than storing it as body fat.
  • It will keep you calm throughout the holiday season and clear your head of stress


Membership Information

This running group is a 3 month program from February 16th, 2021 to May 11th, 2021. There are only 10 spots available. This is a beginner friendly program and we will be working up to a 10K.


What to Expect

Our class instruction will vary - from fartlek's to hill drills to distance training - we will give you a variety of workouts while staying safe pending on the road conditions. 

Remember - we focus on the experience, not the stats. So if we see Bambi playing in a snowbank, you can bet we are going to stop what we are doing to take  pictures!



Class Times & Location

We will be meeting at 1625 Purser Street for 3 weekly 45 to 60 minute sessions for 3 months. This is a total of 36 sessions. Classes may exceed their times by a few minutes, so please be prepared. 

Class times are as follows:


▪ Monday's 7 to 8:00 AM

▪ Wednesday's 7 to 8:00 AM

▪ Friday's 7 to 7:45 AM


Other Information


▪ You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs


▪ All participants are required to sign a Waiver to be able to participate


▪ Any cancelled classes will offer a makeup class TBD at the time of cancellation. We will try to keep this as minimal as possible


▪If you can't make it to all 3 days, we will send you instruction of what we covered in class so you can make it up in your own time.


▪ All classes are rain, snow or shine unless there is a severe storm warning.

Winter 10K Group Running Program - Learn to Run