Soul Runners

From beginners crossing their first finish line, to seasoned runners looking to crush new goals,

our team oriented programs are designed to help promote confidence both on the road and

off the road.


Running is typically thought of as a sport that is meant to be played alone however,

there is something powerful about running in a pack coupled with safety in numbers. It is our
mission to link social connection with personal success



When you run with us, spreading good community vibes will come naturally to you
as we teach you the skills to positively influence your physical and mental health.
We want you to look good, look feel great, and be better.


No matter what your level of fitness, Soul Runners will be right by your side as we help you realize your potential.

In our programs, no runner runs alone, and no runner is left behind.

Mission I

 Purpose I 

We exist to create an atmosphere of acceptance through our group fitness programs.

We promote health and fitness principles to all types of people as our trainers and students work together inspiring one another to be stronger, healthier and better than yesterday.

In our programs, every single Soul Runner has a purpose, and every single Soul Runner has a goal. Since we understand that not every person is the same, we cater our training programs to individual abilities, needs and skills.

When you join our one on one classes or group training sessions, you will become part of a powerful community that will inspire you to look good, feel great, and be better, all while staying safe.

So get up, get outside, and come experience what it feels like to run with a little bit of soul!

 Vision I 

My name is Kristen and I am the creator of Soul Runners.



My entire mind set changed the moment I set foot on pavement.


I became kinder, quicker, smarter, and more positive. I started making friends easier.

I finally found the courage to let go of what I couldn’t change, and I no longer felt like I lived in a world that worked against me.


Running has given me the self confidence I once lacked, and has lead me to people and connections I never imagined. Because of this, it is my life goal to pay it forward. 

I am a 36 year old recent business graduate from Fanshawe College. This is where I created the concept behind Soul Runners; a non-judgmental, safe place to go for people who want to hit the trails and burn some calories while building some meaningful, lasting relationships.

I am certified with American Council on Exercise.


I have been collaborating with local athletes and Fanshawe affiliates to create unique training plans. These programs are the foundation of our one on one and group fitness sessions. They become customized to you and your needs, and then adjusted according to your progress. Our programs are designed for you because we want to see you succeed.

I genuinely hope you come out to experience what it feels like to run with a little bit of Soul!

We aspire to be the most welcoming and supportive group of running enthusiasts located in cities all across Canada.

We strive to create an inclusive camaraderie for our instructors and students that will give them the motivation to hit the trails, torch some calories and build meaningful, lasting relationships.


We want to spread the power of unity to Canadian communities everywhere, while exploring the beauty those communities have to offer.

Our Story I